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2013  Retour seven instruments  7:00 min. 

Retour Retour is scored for 2 winds, 1 brass, 1 percussionist, 1 keyboard instrument, and 2 bowed strings played in absolutely any combination. The brass instrument can be replaced by a voice (female or male of any type) that will vocalize or produce noise similar to the proposed material. It is formed by three little pieces of a lyrical character which contrast and alternate with a fourth piece that contains a much more active, percussive, and dry musical material thus, resulting in a Rondo-like form.
This alternating fourth little piece maintains the cohesion and unity of the work, and paradoxically,
at the same time, generates unique discourses since, in addition to containing a constant cyclical material that
does not need to be synchronized and wll never be repeated exactly in the same way,
it also asks for brief completely improvised solos.


Sound Modern Series | Oct 12, 2013 | Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth, USA

UNT Nova Ensemble directed by Elizabeth McNutt.

Retour - Talea Ensemble
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