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2022  Continuos music more than two bowed string instruments and piano 4:00 - 30:00 min.

2022  Luminous solo cello 6:00 min.

2021  The Untitled BC one, two, or three bass clarinets and optional fixed media in progress

2021  The infinite game part VI one or two pianos 9:00 min.

2021  The infinite game part V one or two pianos 6:00 min.

2021  The giant box of the infinite game for child pianist with an optional second piano, electronics, or string orchestra variable duration

2021  Nous, noesis, noein four baritone saxophones 15:00 min

2020  The Untitled B one, two, or three bassoons and optional fixed media 8:00 min

2019  Two minutes to midnight on the Doomsday clock six guitars or more 20:00 min.

2019  Star clusters  for any number of percusionists 5 - 55 min.

2019  Umbra (1975b) flute in C and three (cracked) cymbals  9:00 min.

2019  Ten thousand suns cello, viola, and two more strings  12:00 min.

2018  The Untitled  S 1, 2, or 3 strings in any combination and optional fixed media  4:40 - 7:00 min.

2018  The exerting forces of Theia and Gaia 4 percussionists soloists, fixed media, and optional percussion ensemble 16:00 min.

2018  The caged, the immured one or two pianos 11:00 min.

2017  Stabiles III solo violin and fourteen performers  6:00 min.

2017  Hanging Mobile piano six-hand  4:00 min

2017-18  1 19 1975 alto flute or bass flute, piano and fixed media  5:30 min.

2017  Action painting piccolo, piano and percussion  4:40 min.

2016  Stabiles I fifteen performers  8 min.

2016  All the names six voices of any type  7-9:00 min.

2015  Le Stelle piano and fixed media  7:30 min. 

2015  Parametrical counterpoint two simultaneous ensembles of eight performers each  variable duration

2015  Incandescent 12 member amplified mixed ensemble  7:00 min.

2013  Retour seven instruments  7:00 min.

2011  Mar eterno children's choir  5:00 min.