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2021  At a distance piano soloist and an open ensemble of any number of musicians in progress

2021  Untitled guitar and fixed media in progress

2021  The Untitled BC one, two, or three bass clarinets and optional fixed media in progress

2021  The infinite game part VI one or two pianos 9:00 min.

2021  The infinite game part V one or two pianos 6:00 min.

2021  The giant box of the infinite game for child pianist with an optional second piano, electronics, or string orchestra variable duration

2021  Nous, noesis, noein four baritone saxophones 15:00 min

2020  The Untitled B one, two, or three bassoons and optional fixed media 8:00 min

2019  Two minutes to midnight on the Doomsday clock six guitars or more 20:00 min.

2019  Star clusters  for any number of percusionists 5 - 55 min.

2019  Umbra (1975b) flute in C and three (cracked) cymbals  9:00 min.

2019  Ten thousand suns cello, viola, and two more strings  12:00 min.

2018  The Untitled  S 1, 2, or 3 strings in any combination and optional fixed media  4:40 - 7:00 min.

2018  The exerting forces of Theia and Gaia 4 percussionists soloists, fixed media, and optional percussion ensemble 16:00 min.

2018  The caged, the immured one or two pianos 11:00 min.

2017  Stabiles III solo violin and fourteen performers  6:00 min.

2017  Hanging Mobile piano six-hand  4:00 min

2017-18  1 19 1975 alto flute or bass flute, piano and fixed media  5:30 min.

2017  Action painting piccolo, piano and percussion  4:40 min.

2016  Stabiles I fifteen performers  8 min.

2016  All the names six voices of any type  7-9:00 min.

2015  Le Stelle piano and fixed media  7:30 min. 

2015  Parametrical counterpoint two simultaneous ensembles of eight performers each  variable duration

2015  Incandescent 12 member amplified mixed ensemble  7:00 min.

2013  Retour seven instruments  7:00 min.

2011  Mar eterno children's choir  5:00 min.