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2006  L'ardito e quasi stridente gesto string quartet  11:00 min. 

written for the Arditti Quartet

L’ardito e quasi stridente gesto is a single movement formed by two main parts of distinctive musical character which represent different perspectives of the same tense and impatient feeling. The listener is drawn into full concentration on the sound and character: uneasiness, impatience, and also a certain kind of reposed, are expressed in delicate and subtle musical sorpresive contrasting moments. L'ardito e quasi stridente gesto was written for the Arditti Quartet, and has won the Second Place in the Troisieme Concours International du Quatuor Molinari 2006 (Canada) as well as the First Prize in the Premio de Composición Musical Julián Carrillo 2007 (Mexico).


Arditti Quartet | April 2, 2006 | Paine Hall Harvard University, USA

L'ardito e quasi stridente gesto - JACK Quartet
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